The Story So Far...D2

The Australian scientific community has relied on the consistent quality of Ajax brand chemicals for more than seventy years.

Originally founded in Sydney, the Ajax reputation for quality spread quickly, cementing a position initally as the brand of choice for chemists and scientists throughout Australia and New Zealand, and later in the Asia Pacific region.

Over the years Ajax has amassed considerable expertise and knowledge in the production, synthesis and purification of laboratory chemicals and this is reflected in the thousands of products available today under the Ajax brand. The range consists of high purity solvents and acids, inorganic salts, plus organic and speciality chemicals.

Ajax Finechem Products

The Ajax Finechem product range extends to more than 4000 product lines including ACS grade reagents, high purity acids and solvents for HPLC, GC, Spectroscopy and Pesticide Residue analysis, volumetric solutions, pH buffer solutions ICP & AAS standards, certified ultra pure acids for trace metal analysis and a range of products for specific applications.

Ajax brand chemicals are available in a variety of pack sizes and packaging options including glass or plastic bottles and metal or plastic drums.

Currently, the Ajax brand, products are exported to 12 countries in Asia, the Pacific Islands and the Middle East. The export business has been an integral part of the Ajax business model for over 30 years and continues to grow in stature and significance.